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Spiritus Supra Omnia's Journal

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8th September 2005

frankie2312:22pm: NOLA
I've refrained from commenting on the disaster in New Orleans, but this little article brought a smile to my whiskey-reddened face:

Cold beer and hope in New Orleans

Throughout the horrors of the past couple of weeks in New Orleans, a number of bars in the French Quarter were determined to stay open and give their regulars a slice of normality. continues...
Current Mood: amused

24th May 2005

lamaisondiev11:39am: Nothing new to report...

20th May 2005

frankie231:10am: Frank's Drink Mix:Jahranimo
Take 2 oz rye whiskey, pour into large rock glass. Add two ice cubes, and pour in 4 oz of Jamaican Ginger Ale.

That'll put hair on your tongue, oh yah.
Current Mood: sleepy

13th May 2005

doctorellisdee12:34pm: BACK FROM WORK fifteen minutes and the whiskey goes down thge churte. jameson's. down ike water drunk like whiskey

it noooooon.

oh dfuck this is abd idea but i'm going with it.

13th March 2005

slhshoney2:35pm: bastards
so i went out with friends to the local cowboy haunt, though it wasn't really occupied by any country folk. we started the night with jager bombs and then got hurricanes. polished it off real easy. then this guy got us this 12 dollar a shot tequila (waitress carried them over) and that was fun. got more hurricanes. decided to go dance and i got us a round of touch downs and hurricanes appeared again. and that was the last of me being sober. at some point my friends got up on the bar and were dancing and i wanted to get up there too so i went to the bouncer at the end and asked and he says that the dj has to sign a waiver and me in my beligerent state thought he was lying but he kept saying so i said 'fine' and went to the dj and asked and he said he was out of waivers. so i argue with him for a while and he said 'fine' and marks my hands. so i'm all accomplished feeling and go back to the bouncer and he looks at my hands and goes 'TWO X'S MEANS YOU'RE CUT OFF' and i get drunken-livid and go back to the dj and say 'i wasn't trying to get drinks, asshole, i wanted to dance with my friends' and eventually i did some throwing up in the Jack In The Box parking lot and some drunken stumbling here and in the morning i felt really dumb because the people that i recognized were giving me dumb looks because i was so drunk that i forgot their names and had made up new ones. OOPS.

12th March 2005

abowlofcherries11:03pm: oh i'm drunjk and I think we should all be so..l.
ok, comment if you thin kth at you are more alive when you are drinking. ....cuz I sure feel like i am.
doctorellisdee7:27pm: whhjot that barleywhine gets right on toppa ya

8th March 2005

abowlofcherries1:07pm: All right, then. I'm glad I finally had the brilliant idea to search for "drunk" in the interests category. Let's get this party started. I'm from Chicago, holla.

I saw another journal called "drunkposts" in which you could only post while intoxicated. I like that idea, but no one ever posted in it. Can we do that here?

Oh what a mad mad world.

4th March 2005

pmad9:02pm: Hi...I'm new!

My name is Paula. I'm from Belfast. I'm 22 and LOVE to drink.

I would go out and get blocked most weekend's. At this moment...I'm kind of drunk.

Hopefully when I'm drunk i shall have a good stories to tell you. I have plenty from years ago.

Current Mood: drunk

23rd February 2005

darkmugen2:35pm: the dirty southwest
hey all i just joined. i live in the dirty southwest(phoenix, az) and grow chiles as a hobby. Legumes, gourds, nightshades especialy chile species are my favorite plants. I collect, trade and save seeds and I'm a member of Seed Savers Exchange and Native Seeds/SEARCH. anyone else grow chiles or interested in growing them? i have some seeds for possible trades. i'm especially interested in trading for rare species.

4th February 2005

doctorellisdee12:02pm: BEER IS LIFE
Beer saves man from avalanche
>From correspondents in Bratislava
January 31, 2005
From: Agence France-Presse

A SLOVAK man trapped in his car under an avalanche freed himself by
drinking 60 bottles of beer and urinating on the snow to melt it.

Rescue teams found Richard Kral drunk and staggering along a mountain
path four days after his Audi was buried in Slovakia's Tatra
He told them that after the avalanche, he had opened his car window
and tried to dig his way out with his hands.

But he realised the snow was falling faster than he could dig. and
would soon fill his car.

He had 60 500ml bottles of beer in his car as he was going on holiday,
and after cracking one open to think about the problem he realised he
could urinate on the snow to melt it.

"It was hard and now my kidneys and liver hurt," he said later. "But
I'm glad the beer I took on holiday turned out to be useful."

7th January 2005

orobouros5:45pm: I hate when this happens
Not really a story, but an appropriate link to photos of the unfortunately passed out (some nsfw)

Been a while since we've had a post here...
Current Mood: amused

13th December 2004

oven5:56pm: seattle santarchy/drunken stumble
i'll let the pictures speak for themselves:
as far as i can remember no santas were arrested.
Current Mood: content

16th October 2004

oven3:40am: doesn't anyone miss this group????

i'm not even drunk yet i'm posting here.
i'm almost drunk.
three drinks in many hours is not drunk.
someone more drunk than me should post.
pretty please?

1st April 2004

doctorellisdee3:38pm: I am the mayor of Horkerton
An old entry. Posted here because... well... schlitz... from 6.12.03

Anomalous puking experience.

Hanging with J, cleaning the apt, order pizzas, pick up a coupla forties.

Somehow I had a total blackout after drinking ~66oz of Steel Reserve.

I remember listening to music and talking to J, and not feeling much drunk, and then I wake up this morning, very aware of a gap in my memory. How strange. I sit up, and my very blind eyes percieve the colorful splatter of vomit on the floor next to my bed. Fortunately it was just on some clothes and the floor. But, I horked? What the fuck?

I am clearly not cut out to be a alcoholic.

Theatre of Tragedy - Fair and Guiling Copesmate Death

17th March 2004

doctorellisdee12:56am: kay. so:
1 stout ofsome sort
1 40z oh mi;;er highn;ife

as uual,nomcorrectionms.

a sixof some kinda porter SFbrewco mebbe

some whiskey

st.pattie's day.



8th March 2004

doctorellisdee10:26pm: I may've found it
the cheap, shitty beer that gives the best alcohol-content-to-cost ratio.

Camo 24 Ale. eight-point-six percent, 24 ounces, buckfiddy. That's like the alcohol of five buds, for the cost of three, and only the taste exposure of two. good deal all 'round.

Check tha Camos, yo.

"Trust in Allah, but drink yo' Camos" - Arab Proverb.

Fuckin' post, people. I know you're drinkin' more than you're letting on.

For instance, On Saint Valentine's Day, I drank most of a twelve of PBR and got laid shortly thereafter.

Ergo,alcomoholix have more fun.

Alcoholics, wit' tha alcofrolix.

melange of Motorhead, The Fugees, and The Cure

3rd February 2004

doctorellisdee2:13pm: crafterd by a German Brtewmaster in Mexico...
i'm DRUNK.

and I'm gponne get drunker.

It's manditaory to not correct typoes on this community.

soemoen boughtb a twelve of dos equuis and decicded they fifn't liek it and they gave it to me. si i'm drinking it. and cleaning the house. today is my day of disemployment. un. unemployment. ness.

what the fuck? i'm alllaid off and have a job two days later?i'm supposed to wallow in misery and self-abuse (alcohiloic, masturbatory, and whatever the fuck else I can lay my hands on) for at LEAST two weeks. fuckin' efficient-ass tempagencyt.

some of this typey fuck is becauze my spacebar only works intermittently.

The Legion - Those Beyond

30th December 2003

bitchtransformr12:58am: Beer and hanging out with new friends. So much fun.

Coming home, puking and finding that your migraine is suddenly a hell of a lot worse. Not so much fun.

Time to sleep.
Current Mood: blah

29th December 2003

kajmal4:56am: I got a flask today for the bus ride. I've wanted one for awhile now. It was pretty cheap. $20

I guess I'm an official drunk now.

28th December 2003

catling5:28pm: Red wine plus politics. What a bad idea.


*drinks some more and decides to just talk about how much she loves folks*
Current Mood: drunk
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