Emperor Mendacious The First (doctorellisdee) wrote in drunkreport,
Emperor Mendacious The First

crafterd by a German Brtewmaster in Mexico...

i'm DRUNK.

and I'm gponne get drunker.

It's manditaory to not correct typoes on this community.

soemoen boughtb a twelve of dos equuis and decicded they fifn't liek it and they gave it to me. si i'm drinking it. and cleaning the house. today is my day of disemployment. un. unemployment. ness.

what the fuck? i'm alllaid off and have a job two days later?i'm supposed to wallow in misery and self-abuse (alcohiloic, masturbatory, and whatever the fuck else I can lay my hands on) for at LEAST two weeks. fuckin' efficient-ass tempagencyt.

some of this typey fuck is becauze my spacebar only works intermittently.

The Legion - Those Beyond
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