Emperor Mendacious The First (doctorellisdee) wrote in drunkreport,
Emperor Mendacious The First

I am the mayor of Horkerton

An old entry. Posted here because... well... schlitz... from 6.12.03

Anomalous puking experience.

Hanging with J, cleaning the apt, order pizzas, pick up a coupla forties.

Somehow I had a total blackout after drinking ~66oz of Steel Reserve.

I remember listening to music and talking to J, and not feeling much drunk, and then I wake up this morning, very aware of a gap in my memory. How strange. I sit up, and my very blind eyes percieve the colorful splatter of vomit on the floor next to my bed. Fortunately it was just on some clothes and the floor. But, I horked? What the fuck?

I am clearly not cut out to be a alcoholic.

Theatre of Tragedy - Fair and Guiling Copesmate Death
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