Masha (slhshoney) wrote in drunkreport,


so i went out with friends to the local cowboy haunt, though it wasn't really occupied by any country folk. we started the night with jager bombs and then got hurricanes. polished it off real easy. then this guy got us this 12 dollar a shot tequila (waitress carried them over) and that was fun. got more hurricanes. decided to go dance and i got us a round of touch downs and hurricanes appeared again. and that was the last of me being sober. at some point my friends got up on the bar and were dancing and i wanted to get up there too so i went to the bouncer at the end and asked and he says that the dj has to sign a waiver and me in my beligerent state thought he was lying but he kept saying so i said 'fine' and went to the dj and asked and he said he was out of waivers. so i argue with him for a while and he said 'fine' and marks my hands. so i'm all accomplished feeling and go back to the bouncer and he looks at my hands and goes 'TWO X'S MEANS YOU'RE CUT OFF' and i get drunken-livid and go back to the dj and say 'i wasn't trying to get drinks, asshole, i wanted to dance with my friends' and eventually i did some throwing up in the Jack In The Box parking lot and some drunken stumbling here and in the morning i felt really dumb because the people that i recognized were giving me dumb looks because i was so drunk that i forgot their names and had made up new ones. OOPS.
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