Emperor Mendacious The First (doctorellisdee) wrote in drunkreport,
Emperor Mendacious The First

I may've found it

the cheap, shitty beer that gives the best alcohol-content-to-cost ratio.

Camo 24 Ale. eight-point-six percent, 24 ounces, buckfiddy. That's like the alcohol of five buds, for the cost of three, and only the taste exposure of two. good deal all 'round.

Check tha Camos, yo.

"Trust in Allah, but drink yo' Camos" - Arab Proverb.

Fuckin' post, people. I know you're drinkin' more than you're letting on.

For instance, On Saint Valentine's Day, I drank most of a twelve of PBR and got laid shortly thereafter.

Ergo,alcomoholix have more fun.

Alcoholics, wit' tha alcofrolix.

melange of Motorhead, The Fugees, and The Cure
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